A downloadable game for Windows

This is the promotional demo for Frog Snatchers, an upcoming game from Too Tired Studios! The intention of this demo is to showcase the player abilities in a series of timed challenge rooms. Save the frogs as fast as you can!

The final game will be much more about discovery and exploration, as the frogs (and many other secrets) will be spread throughout the game world, but this is a great way to dive in to get an impression of what the game feels like. If you enjoyed the demo, and you're interested in supporting the full game, you should check out the Kickstarter page.

Install instructions

Just download, unzip, and run FrogSnatchers_Demo_v101a.exe


FrogSnatchers Demo v1.0.1a .zip 85 MB

Development log


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So the art style and writing are great! The world is both dark and adorable and the frog blurbs are pretty funny, the issue is that the core game and the challenge are a little bland. The movement system works just fine, but the combat wasn't fluid enough to be incentivized and the core idea behind it, a time trial for a grade, wasn't all that motivating. Maybe it's just me, but it's some cute art, interesting movement and funny writing attached to a somewhat lackluster goal. I know this is just a demo, so maybe there'll be some more interesting stuff in the full version!