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Combining elements of fighting games and metroidvanias, full of adorable art and quirky humor, Frog Snatchers is a 2D action-platformer where you must rescue your stolen frogs. Players pursue the mysterious “Frog Snatchers”, unlocking new abilities, collecting frogs, and enlisting their help in combat. Each frog has their own ability, accessed through their “frog dance”. These “dances” are actually unique combos, which can be “performed” on enemies once players unlock the right combat abilities. Dances can make frogs release poisonous gases, drop helpful items, or even attack enemies themselves! Experiment with different combinations of abilities and frog dances to outwit the Frog Snatchers and save your amphibious amigos!

This is a demo build of the first area of Frog Snatchers, the Toxic Sewers. Gameplay featured here is not final and in a pre-alpha state, bugs are expected and we would greatly appreciate you reporting them in the included URL shortcut in the .zip file. (You can also find the form by following this link: http://bit.ly/FrogFeedback)

Install instructions

Extract .zip file and run "Frog Snatchers.exe" to play the game! For best visual results play in 1920 x 1080 if possible. If you encounter any bugs, please follow the URL shortcut in the folder (or go to http://bit.ly/FrogFeedback) to report it to us!

Also, the Mac build is marked as unstable due to lack of testing (we don't have a Mac!) so any feedback on that OS is greatly appreciated!


FrogSnatchers_Windows.zip 215 MB
Mac_FrogSnatchers_Unstable.zip 212 MB


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very fun very awesome. If Undertale and MEtroid had twins and they had to fight in a battleroyal situation this would be the surviving one.


good game